Product Information

How do you make your Cold Brew Coffee?

Our method is unique.  Months of research has allowed us to find the ideal mix of intricate coffee bean notes with minimal acidity.  We use three distinct techniques to create one perfect blend.


  1. Japanese Iced.

Brewed hot to extract maximum flavour, it is then chilled instantly by brewing it right onto ice.

The dilution from the melting ice is taken into account in the brew recipe, leading to proper strength and flavour.

  1. Cold Drip.

Brewed over eight hours, the key to our cold drip coffee is the ratio of grind coarseness to drip rate.

Time is key as the brewing the coffee over this period releases less oils and acidity while still retaining a mild coffee flavour.   We also ‘bloom’ our cold drip slightly to release some oils with a few drops of hot water.

  1. Immersion.

Periodically rotated during the brewing process our immersion coffee is high in caffeine, bold on the palate yet smooth and refined.  Careful attention is paid to ensure the sweet notes of the bean are unlocked, while the bitterness which can be caused by over brewing, is eliminated.

What type of beans do you use?

We know, we know. Single origin is all the rage right?  Well, yes and no. Single origin beans provide a good mild flavour, however, after extensive testing we’ve found that our specific blend works best.

Maximising taste as well maintaining consistency year round, we think you’ll love our ‘Dark Side’ blend as much as we do.

Can I heat your Cold Brew Coffee?

You sure can!  Unlike a standard espresso, heating our coffee after the flavours have been extracted doesn’t make it acidic or mess with the taste.

What if I want to order a lot of your Cold Brew Coffee?

That sounds great!  We can offer you wholesale pricing for orders of 24 bottles or more of each type.  Plus, we have branded bench top fridges for our wholesale customers.  Just get in touch and we’ll get back to you with pricing.

Shipping Information

OK, I’m in.  How can I get my hands on your Cold Brew Coffee?

We partner with Australia Post our preferred courier service, depending on the size and urgency of your order.  All orders are shipped with a tracking service – if you haven’t got your Cold Brew Coffee within five business days from order date, get in touch and we’ll follow it up.

I can’t wait.  How long will it take to get my Cold Brew Coffee?

Deliveries are generally shipped Mondays and Fridays.  Express deliveries are typically shipped the next day, provided stock is available.

How Do I Track My Order?

If your order is not received within 5 business days from the order date, you can request a tracking number for either our courier or Australia Post delivery service by clicking on the Contact Us page and sending an enquiry with the email form.

All orders are sent with a tracking service.